i am sick?

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As a child, I often played doctor with my friends. A pencil instead of a thermometer, leaves instead of medicine, the main thing is to come up with the strangest diagnosis or the best way to pretend how bad you feel as a patient.

Later, in school, I would pretend to be sick in order to skip classes.

In adult life, it turned out that there is no need to pretend you’re sick, there are enough illnesses, and even more, some still linger from childhood.

Someone got sick with tonsillitis, someone was unlucky with their parents, someone has scars from falling on the asphalt road.

It would seem that what is a scar? It's just that instead of damaged cells, new ones were formed. But it's not just new cells, it's a new part of yourself. Can it not be you? And the new you that stares at you from the mirror while you examine your scars in it?

And in the same way, do you remain yourself after an illness? Let's say, after a runny nose.

And how then to determine that it was you who was sick, who is reading this now, and not the one who was healthy before you?

What is health and what is disease?


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